45. Child Proofing

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Poisonings which cause death happen most of the time to children between the ages of one and three. Some doctors call this stage the “Age of Accidents.” Children want to look at things and taste them. They will eat or drink anything they can find, even if it tastes bad. You must make your home safe for children and protect them from poisoning.

Here are three things you can do. One, know which things around the home are poisons. Two, keep poisons out of your child’s reach at all times. Three, he aware of how clever children are when it comes to finding poisons.

Nearly all chemicals and drugs in the home contain things which can poison someone. Be sure to read the labels on products you bring into the home. Look for the words which are meant as warnings. These warnings will read Poison. Harmful if swallowed, For External Use Only, and Keep Out of Reach of Children. Look around your home for bottles and jars which bear these warnings. Then, put them away in a place where a child cannot reach or find them.

You should know that you cannot always rely on the label on a product to give you the proper warning. There are things such as nail polish, perfume, make-up, hair tonic and others which give you no clue to the dangers that might result from swallowing. Drinks with alcohol, such as gin, whiskey, beer, and wine, do not carry warnings. These, too, can cause your child harm. You cannot know which of the hundreds of items are really dangerous. Therefore, your best line of defense is to suspect everything which is not a known and healthy food item.

Even a great number of plants, even those commonly found around the house, are poisonous. Teach your child never to eat any part of a plant unless it is served as food. this rule also applies to unknown berries and mushrooms. Even nibbling on leaves, sucking on plant stems is unsafe. Also, drinking water in which plants have been soaking can cause poisoning.

Some foods can be just as harmful as poisons when given to a child by mistake. For example, putting salt instead of sugar in baby’s food can lead to illness. If you put sugar and salt into new jars, label them. Be sure to read the label each time before using.

If your child shows signs of poisoning, call your doctor right away.

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