12. Narration

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(966). (a) He said, “I am going to school.” (b) He said (that) he was going to school.
(967). (a) Smith said to John, “You are right.” (b) Smith said to John that John was right.
(968). (a) Father said to me, “The sun rises in the east.” (b) Father told me that the sun rises in the east.
(969). (a) The teacher said, “America was discovered by Columbus in 1492.” (b) The teacher said (that) America was discovered by Columbus in 1492.
(970). (a) He said, “I am happy and I am contented.” (b) He said that he was happy and that he was contented.
(971). (a) The lady said, “I was healthier when a girl.” (b) The lady said (that) she had been (or was) healthier when a girl.
(972). (a) She said, “He returned from Pusan three days ago and has left for Mokpo.” (b) She said that he had returned from Pusan three days before and had left for Mokpo.
(973). (a) Kim says, “I shall recover.” (b) Kim says (that) he shall recover.
(974). (a) She said, “I will do this by all means.” (b) She said she would do that by all means.
(975). (a) Our teacher said to us, “You must do your duty.” (b) Our teacher told us that we had to do our duty.
(976). (a) Father said to me, “You must not go to such a place.” (b) Father told me (that) I must not go to such a place.
(977). (a) He said, “She must be rich.” (b) He said (that) she must be rich.
(978). (a) He said, “I do not know if the rumor is true.” (b) He said (that) he did not know if the rumor was true.
(979). (a) He said to me, “I could lend you the money, if I had any.” (b) He said to me (that) he could lend me the money, if he had any.
(980). (a) He said, “I could have gone abroad, if I had wished to.” (b) He said (that) he could have gone abroad, if he had wished to.
(981). (a) He said, “No.” (b) He answered in the negative.
(982). (a) I said to him, “What are you doing?” (b) I asked him what he was doing.
(983). (a) He said to me, “Which is the shortest way?” (b) He asked me which was the shortest way.
(984). (a) He said to me, “Where do you come from?” (b) He inquired of me where I came from.
(985). (a) He said to the boys, “Why did you laugh?” (b) He asked the boys why they had laughed.
(986). (a) When I met him at Jeju island, he said to me, “Have you ever been here before?” (b) When I met him at Jeju island, he asked me if I had ever been there before.
(987). (a) He said to me. “Do you know Mr. Smith?” (b) He asked me if (or whether) I knew Mr. Smith.
(988). (a) “Shall I never be able to read English?” he thought. (b) He wondered if he should ever be able to read English.
(989). (a) “Will you write a letter to him, or shall I?” Mary asked. (b) Mary asked whether I would write a letter to him or she should.
(990). (a) He said to me, “Come here.” (b) He told me to come to him.
(991). (a) He said, “Please be quiet, boys.” (b) He asked the boys to be quiet.
(992). (a) They said to me, “Let’s go!” (b) They proposed that I should go with them.
(993). (a) I said to the boys, “Don’t make such a noise.” (b) I ordered the boys not to make such a noise.
(994). (a) The doctor said to me, “Do not eat and drink too much.” (b) The doctor advised me not to eat and drink too much.
(995). (a) “Jack, if it rains,” said Betty, “do not expect me.” (b) Betty told Jack not to expect her if it rained.
(996). (a) The officer said, “Stay; do not leave your post.” (b) The officer commanded him (or them) to stay and not to leave his (or their) post.
(997). (a) He said, “Alas! How foolish I have been!” (b) He confessed with regret that he had been very foolish.
(998). (a) She said, “How happy I am!” (b) She cried with joy that she was very happy.
(999). (a) He said, “Thank, God! I’ve passed the entrance examination!” (b) He exclaimed with delight that he had passed the entrance examination.
(1000). (a) She said, “God bless my child!” (b) She prayed that God might bless her child.
(1001). (a) He said to me, “May you live to be a hundred!” (b) He exclaimed his wish that I might live to be a hundred.

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