11. Adverb Clause

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(866). When we cross the road, we should always do so at the pedestrians’ crossing.
(867). When I was reading a newspaper, my father called me.
(868). A man is truly happy only when he is in good health.
(869). He helped me when he had a lot to do.
(870). Please be quiet while I am studying.
(871). Some people read the newspaper while watching television.
(872). The hare was quick, while (or whereas) the tortoise was slow.
(873). As I was coming here, I met your father.
(874). He trembled as he spoke.
(875). Just as he was speaking, there was an earthquake.
(876). As he grew older, he became more and more well-rounded.
(877). Things are often good or bad according as we look at them.
(878). It is a long time since I saw you last.
(879). I have been staying with my uncle ever since my father died.
(880). You must do your best before you can succeed.
(881). I had not waited long before he came.
(882). It will not be long before he comes back.
(883). He arrived after I did.
(884). After all (is said and done), it is certain that he is a fool.
(885). Until he returns, nothing can be done.
(886). Please keep wearing your belt until the plane comes to a complete stop.
(887). The ship went farther and farther, till it was last to sight.
(888). People do not know the value of health till they lose it.
(889). She married as soon as she graduated.
(890). I will never do it again as long as I live.
(891). He had no sooner heard the cry than he rushed into the room.
(892). He had scarcely gone a hundred meters when (or before) it began to rain.
(893). I had hardly spoken to him when (or before) he was gone.
(894). The instant (or The moment) he saw me, he turned on his heels.
(895). Get up directly the bell rings.
(896). Put the newspaper where it was.
(897). Where there is a will, there is a way.
(898). You may go wherever you like.
(899). As I was late, I made haste.
(900). As this work is difficult, I cannot do it in a week.
(901). As I had nothing to do, I read the newspaper over and over again.
(902). Now (that) he is old, he has become gentler.
(903). Once you determine to do a thing, do it or die.
(904). I did not go out, because it was raining.
(905). You need not be ashamed at all because you are poor.
(906). This is simply because you are a lazy boy.
(907). He is respected, not because he is rich, but because he is honest.
(908). I employed him, partly because I pitied him and partly because I was short of hands.
(909). Since ‘time is money’, let us not waste our precious time.
(910). It is the more dangerous, since unknown.
(911). Seeing (that) everybody speaks ill of him, he must be a very bad man.
(912). Considering he is still young, he must work hard.
(913). We struggle against nature in order that we may live.
(914). Explain it so that anyone may understand it.
(915). I lent him the book so that he might be interested in science.
(916). Be careful lest you should drop it.
(917). He fled lest he should be killed.
(918). She works so fast that no one in the office can keep up with her.
(919). The water was very shallow, so that there was no danger.
(920). He is such a wise man that everybody respects him.
(921). Th force of the explosion was such that all the windows were broken.
(922). Though he is rich, he is not happy.
(923). It is worth attempting even though we fail.
(924). Young as he is, he is a man of ability.
(925). Woman as she is, she is very brave.
(926). Brave as he was, he could not help weeping at the sight.
(927). Whether you like it or not, you must do it.
(928). Whether or not this picture is a genuine one it makes us happy.
(929). However hard you may try, you cannot do it.
(930). Whatever you may do, do it well.
(931). Whoever may come (or comes) today, I won’t see him.
(932). Whenever you may go (or Every time you go) to see him, you will find him at home.
(933). Wherever you may go, you will not find a better place than your home.
(934). Whichever way you (may) drive, you will come to the Kyung-Bu line.
(935). Do in Rome as the Romans do.
(936). Understand the situation as it is.
(937). It began to rain, as I had expected.
(938). As it is, I cannot lend you money.
(939). He is, as it were, a grown-up baby.
(940). As rust eats iron, so care eats the heart.
(941). Leaves are to the plant what lungs are to the animal.
(942). You are as clever as he (is).
(943). She is as wise as you are foolish.
(944). He is as poor as a church mouse.
(945). I have five times as many books as she does, but have not much time to read them.
(946). This book is not so easy as I expected.
(947). He is not so much an artist as an artisan.
(948). You were a better actor than he (was).
(949). He is three years older than I (am). (or He is older than I by three years.)
(950). “Which do you like better, summer or winter?” “I like summer far better (than winter).”
(951). The sea is deeper than the mountains are high.
(952). He is less fat than he was.
(953). In my opinion you are more diligent than any other student in this class.
(954). I am no more mad than you are. (or I am not any more mad than you are.)
(955). She is no less beautiful than her sister.
(956). The second work of the new writer is not less good than his maiden work.
(957). Why he committed suicide is more than I can understand.
(958). Nothing is harder to bear (or more trying) than poverty.
(959). No statesman that I know is greater than he is. (or I have never known a greater statesman than he.)
(960). The higher we ascend, the rarer the air becomes.
(961). I love him all the better because he has faults (or for his faults).
(962). You may stay here so long as you keep quiet.
(963). So far as I am concerned, I have no objection.
(964). It never rains but it pours.
(965). What is more, he has been awarded the grand prize (or grand prix). We can imagine how proud he is.

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