8. Gerund

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(606). Doing nothing is doing ill.
(607). Saying and doing are two different things.
(608). Reading is a good hobby.
(609). Eating quickly leads to indigestion.
(610). A loud knocking at the door was heard.
(611). Hating one’s neighbor is forbidden is the Gospel.
(612). Being a bachelor is a lot of fun.
(613). His being an idiot causes much sorrow to his parents.
(614). Both of them giving the same statements does not necessarily prove that they are telling the truth.
(615). His having done his duty was a great consolation to him.
(616). Being thrown overboard is the best way to learn how to swim.
(617). It is no use crying over spilt milk.
(618). It is strange his not wanting to see his parents.
(619). It is great fun sliding downhill in a sleigh.
(620). It is very strange his going away without a word.
(621). You must find it rather dull living alone in this house.
(622). There is no denying the fact.
(623). There is no accounting for the mystery of the universe.
(624). There is no telling what may happen.
(625). That is throwing money away.
(626). That will be giving you so much trouble.
(627). That misfortune was the making of him.
(628). I might have had this book for the asking.
(629). I don’t like reading.
(630). He began running as soon as he heard the bell.
(631). I have just finished reading ‘Gone with the Wind.’
(632). I don’t like you talking like that.
(633). I was not aware of his being so unpopular among (of with) his colleagues.
(634). Somehow she avoided seeing me.
(635). She suddenly stopped crying and sat up.
(636). I tried praying but that did not ease my mind.
(637). Do you mind opening the door?
(638). Do you mind working another hour?
(639). I hate looking like a fool.
(640). I remember seeing her somewhere before.
(641). I don’t like being pitied.
(642). I intend seeing the king.
(643). Your shoes want mending.
(644). The pains are past bearing.
(645). He denies having stolen the watch.
(646). I repent (of) having been idle.
(647). I cannot fancy his doing such a thing.
(648). Fancy being confined in a horrible dungeon!
(649). We cannot help sympathizing with the sufferers.
(650). They burst out laughing.
(651). He left off drinking once for all.
(652). She kept on chattering.
(653). Honestly, I felt like crying then.
(654). The poor boy came near being drowned.
(655). It look like clearing (up).
(656). She has the appearance of being rich.
(657). There is no reason for staying here any longer.
(658). I congratulate you on passing the examination.
(659). He left the room without greeting anybody.
(660). You can’t live without eating.
(661). I never see this album without recollecting my happy school life.
(662). I will give you an answer after consulting my father.
(663). He is above telling a lie.
(664). A toothbrush is used for cleaning our teeth.
(665). I was wrong in allowing my son to go climbing.
(666). We made a mistake in choosing him.
(667). He insists on paying.
(668). He persists in denying knowledge of it.
(669). I am fond of traveling alone.
(670). I am tired of looking for a job.
(671). If you want to be a good speaker of English, do not be afraid of making mistakes.
(672). I could not refrain from weeping.
(673). He makes a point of attending such a meeting as often as he can.
(674). When I got to the station, the train was on the point of starting.
(675). She was caught in the act of stealing.
(676). Thus, political parties came into being in Korea.
(677). Is the child capable of being taught I wonder?
(678). Wash your hands before eating!
(679). On receiving the telegram, he turned pale.
(680). I persuaded him into doing it.
(681). They dissuaded him from going.
(682). I am far from saying that.
(683). Minors are prohibited from smoking by law.
(684). My teacher praised him for studying his lessons hard.
(685). My mother scolded me for being untidy.
(686). She thanked me for helping her.
(687). The rain prevented me from going out.
(688). It goes without saying that healthy men are happier than sick men.
(689). How about getting up?
(690). I am ashamed of doing such a thing.
(691). He was accused of taking bribes.
(692). This is a picture of his own painting.
(693). He is proud of his father being a minister.
(694). I am sure of his passing the examination.
(695). What is the use of us talking about that?
(696). There is no hope of good coming from that.
(697). There is no danger of the ceiling falling.
(698). I am not surprised at both the young and old falling in love with her.
(699). What is worth doing at all is worth doing well.
(700). He was busy packing.
(701). Listening to good music is like dreaming of heaven.
(702). There is nothing like having children of your own. They make your life worth living.
(703). My grandfather went to Germany at the age of twenty with the object of studying medical science.
(704). He bought a toy with a view to pleasing his child.
(705). I went there in the hope of meeting some friends.

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