9. Noun Clause

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(706). That he is a man of fortune is admitted by everybody.
(707). That such a good man of all people should die!
(708). Whether our foreign trade is favorable or not has an important bearing upon the economy of our country.
(709). Whether I succeed of fail does not worry me at all.
(710). How he got acquainted with the editor is a secret.
(711). How we should read books is as important as what books we should read.
(712). Who said it is not known.
(713). What the old man said was a mystery to me.
(714). Which of their two daughters he wished to marry was more than they could fancy.
(715). What he said must be true.
(716). Whoever says so is a liar.
(717). Whatever I have is yours.
(718). It was this book that I bought yesterday.
(719). It was at London that I was in an air-raid.
(720). It was not I but he that was awarded the first prize.
(721). It was not till quite recently that airplanes have come to be regarded as a safe means of communication.
(722). It is not because he is a clever student but because he is a man of character that people respect him.
(723). Was it Miss Oh that came to see me during my absence yesterday?
(724). It is I that am to blame.
(725). It was only yesterday that the parcel arrived.
(726). Who was it that you spoke about the other day?
(727). When was it that the concert was held?
(728). Because a man is a good scholar, it does not necessarily follow that he will make a good teacher.
(729). It is true that yours is a good idea, but I am afraid it will be hard to put into practice.
(730). It seems certain that he is in Paris.
(731). It so happened that the railway service was suspended owing to a heavy snowfall.
(732). It is necessary that we should send for the doctor at once.
(733). It is proper that we should pay what we owe.
(734). It is natural that he should live long.
(735). It is strange that accidents have happened one after another to the Seoul-Pusan main line.
(736). It is no wonder that he should have succeeded.
(737). It is surprising that prices should be rising like this.
(738). How surprising it is that such a strong man as he should have dies!
(739). It is a pity that you have missed such a golden opportunity.
(740). It is regrettable that many promising young people die of tuberculosis every year.
(741). It is anyhow a matter for rejoicing that the Olympic games came off successfully.
(742). If I find fault, it is that I want you to improve.
(743). He must be a very good student that every teacher should praises him.
(744). What have I done that you should resort to violence?
(745). It does not matter whether you agree or not (or whether or not you agree).
(746). It is wonderful how quickly he learned to drive a car.
(747). It is not yet certain who did it.
(748). It is not known to the students why the professor had to resign (his post).
(749). The trouble is that I cannot afford to buy it.
(750). The question is that there is no doctor in this village.
(751). The fact that the driver was drunk is evident.
(752). The idea that she might be a spy did not occur to the officer.
(753). There remains the question why he killed himself.
(754). He has no idea how he should deal with the situation.
(755). There is some fear lest he should fall.
(756). The problem is when and how we should carry it out.
(757). Today, he is not what he was ten years ago, but a great scholar of established reputation now.
(758). They are what people call (or what is called) the witches of the East.
(759). I thought (that) it would rain.
(760). I wish I were a millionaire.
(761). Calileo maintained that the earth moves.
(762). People used to believe that the earth was flat.
(763). I am (so) sorry I have kept you waiting so long.
(764). I am not certain whether I shall be able to go to the United States.
(765). We must consider whether it will be worth while.
(766). Please ask him if he can attend the meeting.
(767). I can’t help wondering if we were right in doing so.
(768). Do you know what Mr. Kim teachers?
(769). Do you know what has become of him?
(770). He is anxious to hear what you have to say.
(771). Never put off till tomorrow what you can do (or what can be done) today.
(772). What you have done, you have done. (or What has been done, has been done.)
(773). The hello-girl saves what she earns.
(774). He gave what money he had with him to the flower girl.
(775). The stall keeper stopped whomever he saw.
(776). Here are a television set and a high-class camera. You may choose whichever you like.
(777). Nobody knows where he lives.
(778). As soon as you reach Pusan, please let me know by wire when you will leave for Mokpo.
(779). I can’t tell you how glad I was.
(780). This story shows how strong is the regard of an Englishman for the rights of others.
(781). I think it a great pity that he should have died so young.
(782). I think it highly probable that he will go bankrupt.
(783). I took it for granted that you knew the fact.
(784). According to him, the beggar and the university professor are one in that they are both free from care.
(785). A man’s value lies not so much in what he has as in what he is.
(786). I am not unwilling to buy you a camera, but it depends on how much it is.
(787). I can think of nothing except (or save) that you are ruining yourself.
(788). There is some doubt as to whether the document is genuine or not.
(789). Are you aware of how wide a place the entrance examination fills in your thoughts?
(790). He laughed at what I proposed on that occasion.
(791). From what I hear, she looks very clever.
(792). I have two copies of the same book, so I will give one to whoever wants it.
(793). You can reach Rome by whichever way you take.
(794). You may dance with whomever you like.
(795). I walked to where A sat.

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