10. Adjective Clause

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(796). Please tell me the name of the boy who came here yesterday.
(797). He is a man who will never give in.
(798). He who is born foolish is never cured.
(799). Heaven helps those who help themselves.
(800). He had three daughters, who all married doctors.
(801). That man, who is poor, is honest.
(802). That fellow, who is rich, can afford to buy an automobile.
(803). There is always someone (who) gives me trouble.
(804). No one can be free who is in debt.
(805). There is no man who does not love his country.
(806). A woman whose husband is dead is called a widow.
(807). The plane, whose wings were broken, fell to the ground.
(808). The man whose house we have just passed is a famous pianist.
(809). You should not easily trust a man of whose past you know nothing.
(810). This is the tree in whose shade we would often sit.
(811). He is the author with the help of whose book I have made much progress in English.
(812). I shall call on you tomorrow with my friend (whom) I spoke to you of the other day.
(813). The young man (whom or who) I hear is the engineer’s son is very clever.
(814). This is the book which pleased (or interested) him very much.
(815). His family which consists of eleven people is a merry one.
(816). That which Don Quixote took for a giant was really a big windmill.
(817). Have you found the knife (which) you lost yesterday?
(818). This is the house in which I live.
(819). Is this the lady of whom you spoke the other day?
(820). We must not forget the circumstances in which we are placed.
(821). That mountain, the top of which we see, is Mt. Everest.
(822). My library consists chiefly of novels, most of which are written in French.
(823). He said he was ill, which was a lie.
(824). He is a scientist, which I should like to be.
(825). I was in Seoul for ten years, during which (time) I did nothing particular.
(826). He was elected chairman, which post he filled with success.
(827). I went by bus as far as the town, at which place (or where) my brother met me.
(828). Shakespeare is the greatest poet (that) England has ever produced.
(829). Lincoln was one of the greatest men that ever lived.
(830). This is the best picture (that) I have ever seen.
(831). Man is the only animal that speaks.
(832). This is the same bag that I lost in the bus the other day.
(833). He took the same train that I did.
(834). This is the very thing (that) I have wanted for a long time.
(835). Reading is the first thing (that) he cares for.
(836). She is the last girl that ever would do such a thing.
(837). All things are difficult that are done reluctantly.
(838). All is not always gold that glitters.
(839). Anyone that knows anything knows this.
(840). What he says contains little that is new, but much that is old.
(841). Nothing should be done in a hurry that can be done slowly.
(842). Behave like the woman (that) you are.
(843). Like the brave man (that) he was, he did not shed tears.
(844). We are looking forward to the day (that=when) the diplomatic relations between Communist China and Korea will be restored.
(845). That old house is the house (that) John was born in.
(846). That was the last time (that=when) I saw him.
(847). He uses the same camera as I do.
(848). Such men as praise you to your face are apt to speak ill of you behind your back.
(849). He is not such a fool as he looks.
(850). You should read as many books as you can while you are young.
(851). He could not make so much profit from the enterprise as people thought.
(852). There was no man who did not admire (or but admired) him.
(853). There are few men but would risk all for such a prize.
(854). You had better not tell him more than (it) is necessary (to tell).
(855). There were fewer applicants than might have been expected.
(856). The 6th of August was the day when the atomic bomb was dropped upon Hiroshima in Japan.
(857). As my son is dead, there are times when I feel lonely.
(858). It is impossible for us to imagine (or conceive) a time when electricity was unknown.
(859). I was about to reply, when he cut in.
(860). This is the place where the war broke out.
(861). This is (a point on which) where we disagree.
(862). I went to the library, where (= and there) I found him.
(863). That is (the reason) why I did not come.
(864). This is the way (how) I left off smoking.
(865). I’ll tell you (the story of) how I got out of the danger.

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